Steinway & Sons B-211

Steinway & Sons is a well-known and appreciated manufacturer of pianos and pianos. The company was founded in New York by Henry E. Steinway and his sons in 1853. Since 1853, Steinway & Sons has revolutionized piano construction with more than 125 patents. “Steinway & Sons” grand pianos and pianos are manufactured in New York and Hamburg under the motto that Henry E. Steinway chose as the quality standard: “To build the best piano possible”.

This 211 cm long grand piano comes from first hand and was renewed in our master workshop with original Steinway & Sons action parts.

It offers the pianist a multifaceted range of tonal nuances, plenty of volume and powerful basses.

Be sure to play it before it’s gone, as it is one of our favorite grand pianos!

The stated price is differential taxed according to § 25a UStG.

Essex EGP 155C

Essex – “Designed by Steinway & Sons”!

In collaboration with renowned furniture designer William Faber, Steinway & Sons realized excellent pianos and grand pianos in different styles and veneers at a reasonable price. With their elegant design and different finishes, these instruments are an asset to your home.

All Essex instruments combine the latest design features and production specifications from Steinway & Sons’ research and development team. Thanks to the processing of high-quality materials combined with state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and carefully selected machine manufacturing, Essex’s “designed by Steinway & Sons” instruments offer unrestricted musical enjoyment at an unprecedented price/performance ratio.

Despite its length of 155 cm, this grand piano, model EGP 155C – Classic, offers excellent sound performance thanks to the Steinway design.

Exhibition instrument: Absolutely allude…