Steinway & Sons at Pianohaus Marcus Hübner in Trier

The best time to invest in a Steinway grand or upright piano is always the same: now. Why? Because inevitable price increases for new Steinways also increase the value of used pianos. A Steinway grand piano is an investment that convinces: the company philosophy “To build the best piano possible” has always been the maxim of every Steinway employee. The masterful workmanship and its inimitable sound make a Steinway the dream of many musicians. The brand enjoys great international popularity, having been appreciated for its perfection and innovation since 1853. These are the criteria that have made a Steinway an instrument that is valued worldwide as an investment: Today, for example, a 50-year-old Steinway can already fetch over 9 times its original purchase price!

With the purchase of a new Boston or Essex instrument, both brands of the “Family of Steinway-Designed Pianos”, the “Steinway Promise” applies: Within 10 years, upgrading to a Steinway piano is made possible without financial loss.

Performance of a Steinway B grand piano from 1927 to 2017