YAMAHA – piano construction for over 100 years!

The G-Series grand pianos have a resonant, full sound and are an excellent choice for smaller rooms and budgets.

The results of YAMAHA’s tireless quest for outstanding sound and resonance are also available at an affordable price for smaller budgets. With an exceptional design concept adopted from the coveted C-Series, the wonderful GB1 produces outstanding sound with a wide dynamic range. And after a few cost-saving changes and significant improvements in materials and production, this expressive and unusually affordable instrument is now even better than ever.

This instrument also features the YAMAHA SILENT Piano™ SC2 headphone system: For pianists who want a piano that is a true musical partner, or for parents who want to give their children a life full of music, YAMAHA offers a truly versatile, modern version of this traditional instrument. With the unique feel of an acoustic piano and the freedom to play at any time of the day or night without disturbing others, this instrument becomes an integral part of your musical life. The SC2 system features powerful mute functionality, 10 integrated sounds and a built-in metronome. The elaborate binaural sampling of the YAMAHA CFX grand piano and the precise sensors that capture every nuance of the playing in detail create the unmistakable feel of an acoustic piano – even when played over headphones. With an optional W-LAN adapter, you can select different tones directly from your Smart Device via App (Smart Pianist).

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Grand pianos
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YAMAHA SC2 Silent™-System
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