Boston GP-163

Boston Piano – Designed by Steinway & Sons!

All Boston grand pianos feature a duplex scale – one of Steinway & Sons’ most famous inventions – which ensures a full, balanced and, above all, long-lasting sound. The duplex systems installed in the cast plate offer an additional richness of overtones and a harmonious variety of tones.

In order to meet the highest quality standards, only the finest Sitka spruce is used to build a Boston soundboard with a regular grain pattern and a fixed minimum of annual rings per centimetre. Based on the design by Steinway & Sons from 1936, the Boston soundboard is not uniformly strong, but tapered towards the ends. This allows it to vibrate more freely and produce more sonority.

In addition, every Boston grand piano, regardless of its size, is distinguished by an extended wing housing. This is an innovation from Steinway & Sons that makes it possible to widen the rear of the cabinet. The Boston grand pianos therefore have a much larger soundboard than other instruments of the same length.

With a length of 163 cm, this grand piano is ideal for almost any home. The extended grand piano case produces a larger, freely vibrating soundboard surface and thus a full, voluminous sound.


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