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We tune grand pianos and pianos in the area around Trier, in the Saarland and in Luxembourg.

Grand piano tuning
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Your piano is not out of tune because you cannot play the right tones but because it is subject to constant changes in climate and temperature – especially during autumn and spring. During these seasons, the humidity in the wood changes, causing the sounding board to rise and fall , resulting in erratic changes in the tension of the strings and faulty tuning. We restore the optimal string tension so that they resonate in the correct frequency again. Depending on the piano and the degree of restoration required, a good piano builder can return the harmonious sound to your instrument within 1 to 2 hours.

How long the piano stays in tune depends not only on the climatic circumstances but also on the piano builder’s skill and experience. That is why we only employ experienced piano builders and master piano builders to service your piano.

WARNING: The piano manufacturer’s warranty becomes void if the tuning work is carried out by a layman without a recognised piano builder qualification.

In the following video, our master piano builder, Jens Wagner explains why, when, and by whom a tuning should be done.