Manufacture of grand pianos

Our Grand Piano Manufacturing Workshop

Our dream, to manufacture our own grand pianos in Trier, has finally become reality. Our goal for our M.HÜBNER ARTIST Series instruments was to combine state-of-the art production technology with our traditional piano manufacturing to be able to offer German quality at an attractive price. To this end, we decided to commission the production of some of the instrument’s components, which are not crucial for the instrument’s sound, to our partners in Asia. These components include, for example, the casing or the liming of the sounding boards, which we have personally selected and tested. This approach has not only the advantage of achieving the great precision which only newest technologies can provide but also is environmentally friendly through the use of very modern spray robots, that save up to 40% in raw material use compared to German manufacturers.

The most important reason, however, was to ensure we can concentrate our energy on the soul of each instrument, in other words, on everything that is critical for its sound and playing feeling. We have established the basis for this work through extensive modifications to our facilities.

A workshop with four superbly-equipped work stations as well as an inspection department enable us to produce several instruments simultaneously, be it through stringing an instrument, the technical preparation of the action or the creation of the tone.