Yamaha CF6

Product Features

Instrument Type
Grand pianos
Polished black
Year of Manufacture
Key Coating
Synthetic material
Width: 159 cm
Length: 212 cm
5 years M. HÜBNER guarantee

Yamaha CF6


Yamaha – Building pianos for over 100 years!

How do you create an instrument where there is no room for manoeuvre between what the pianist wants to convey and what he hears? Where every note, every subtle colouring and every nuance is represented as intended. Where not the slightest bit of passion is lost in the transfer from the fingers to the keys, the hammers, the soundboard and finally to the resonance that fills entire concert halls. Pure sound flows effortlessly from the artist via the piano to the audience. The CFX represents this vision.

75.900,- €
105.133,- € *

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