Product Features

Instrument Type
Grand pianos
Version (against surcharge)
Polished mahogany, Polished white, Satin American Walnut, matt black
Key Coating
Width: 149 cm
Length: 200 cm
350 kg
5 years of product warranty



YAMAHA – since more than 100 years of piano building!

The CX Series provides a clear sound with a clean attack, sparkling tone, and transparent harmonies, all encased in an elegant, flowing form. CX Series pianos represent progress that is commensurate with Yamaha’s 125th anniversary year – progress that will transform any room in which you play into a concert hall.

Why should you choose a CX Series Grand Piano from Yamaha?

Music Wire: The CX Series utilizes music wire that produces a rich sound with a full complexity of overtones in its middle and upper registers and a rich, harmonic sound.
Hammers: The hammers of the CX Series utilize the same felt as the CFX Series and ensure that the pianos possess a clear range of tonal colors and a nuanced, expressive sound.
Sound board: As with the CF Series, Yamaha uses its unique technique to manufacture the “crown” so that the vibrations from the strings are efficiently transmitted from the sound board into the surrounding air and the pianist’s tonal idea is perfectly rendered.
Back frame: A thickened back frame provides the CX Series grand pianos more stability and a full, resonant sound.
The premium quality C5X will convince you with its powerful sound as well as with its delicate tones.

more information: www.yamaha.de.

50.259,- €

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