Product Features

Instrument Type
Grand pianos
Version (against surcharge)
Polished mahogany, Polished white, Satin American Walnut, matt black
Key Coating
Silent System
YAMAHA TransAcoustic™- und SH Silent™-System
Width: 149 cm
Length: 186 cm
341 kg
5 years manufacturer's warranty
Number of Sounds
Halleffekt, Transposition, Saitenresonanz-Einstellung, Dämpfer-Sample-Einstellung, Klangvariationen
Recording: Number of Songs
256 MB Wave-ROM
Recording: Number of Tracks
USB to device
USB to host
Other Connections
MIDI (IN/OUT), AUX (IN/OUT), 6,3 mm Audio-Ausgang
TransAcoustic™-System (Klangwiedergabe über den Resonanzboden)



YAMAHA – piano construction for over 100 years!

Clear strokes. Brilliant tone. Pure harmonies. The birth of a new generation of grand pianos in the tradition of the YAMAHA CFX.

Preserving tradition does not mean refusing to change: it is the result of a continuous quest for perfection.

This goal is only achieved by those who surpass themselves day by day. It is with this passion that YAMAHA has been developing the world-famous C-Series wings for almost half a century. The knowledge in technology and expertise gathered during this time flowed into the construction of the CFX concert grand. It also required courageous new steps in piano construction to achieve the perfect sound. The CX Series continues this tradition by creating a series of elegant grand pianos with flowing forms that fascinate with their outstanding sound, perfect touch and unique joy of playing.

The CX Series instruments show the dedication with which they were developed. A noble and sweeping line underlines the traditional heritage and symbolizes the power of the new. To mark the company’s 125th anniversary, the CX Series grand pianos represent YAMAHA’s vision of turning every room into a concert hall like no other instrument.

The C3X – striving to create a grand piano that is in harmony with the pianist, the developers of the CX Series have created instruments that truly sing.

This instrument is equipped with the YAMAHA TransAcoustic™ system:

For pianists who want a piano that is a true musical partner or for parents who want to give their children a life full of music, Yamaha offers a versatile, modern version of this traditional instrument. With the unique feel of an acoustic piano and the freedom to play at any time of the day or night without disturbing others, this instrument becomes an integral part of your musical life.

TransAcoustic™ Piano – With this Yamaha innovation, you can experience the acoustic piano in a whole new way. Enjoy the authentic reverberation and unique resonances of an acoustic piano combined with the ability to adjust the volume of the instrument.

The TransAcoustic™ technology makes it possible to adjust the volume without losing the incomparable sound of an acoustic piano. Experience at any time the authentic acoustic sound with perfectly adjusted volume according to time of day, environment and the preferences of the pianist and his fellow human beings.

Immerse yourself in natural sound
The Yamaha CFX Binaural Sampling produces a natural, room-filling sound that lets you forget you’re wearing headphones. Combined with VRM (Virtual Resonance Modeling) for authentic reproduction of the unparalleled resonance of an acoustic piano, this technology allows you to immerse yourself completely in the natural sound of a piano – without being disturbed by the outside world.

Play audio files on your piano – a whole new experience!
Experience your audio files with the natural, rich sound that only a piano’s soundboard can produce. Play along with your audio files or just listen when your entire piano becomes a speaker. In any case, this new technology will find a place in your life.

The rich sound of different sounds comes from the entire piano.
Choose from the sounds of a variety of instruments. Among them are two legendary concert grand pianos – Yamaha CFX and Bösendorfer Imperial – as well as electric pianos, harpsichords, organs and many more. Only with TransAcoustic™ pianos can these instruments sound from the entire piano and thus create an absolutely authentic acoustic sound experience.

With the Smart Pianist App you can select the different tones directly from your Smart Device.
The UD-WL01 USB W-LAN Adapter (sold separately) is required to create a wireless connection between the Smart Pianist App and the piano.

The focus is on how the piano works: sound and resonance.
When a key is struck, the hammer hits the strings and they begin to vibrate. The original sound is soft, but the soundboard amplifies it – with the entire body of the piano as the soundbox. The result is the unmistakable, rich sound of an acoustic piano. The TransAcoustic™ technology uses this mode of operation where the soundboard transmits the sound without really striking the strings.

Acoustic sound from digital sources
The TransAcoustic™ technology does not use speakers to reproduce the sound. Instead, sound converters are used. The transducers convert audio signals into vibrations, which are then transmitted to the soundboard.

52.794,- €

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