YAMAHA C3 Studio

Product Features

Instrument Type
Grand pianos
Key Coating
Width: 149 cm
Length: 186 cm
320 kg
5 years manufacturer's warranty

YAMAHA C3 Studio


YAMAHA – piano construction for over 100 years!

The C Series grand pianos, which benefit from improvements in resonance and expression control, are the result of Yamaha’s attention to detail. With its wide range of available models, the C Series meets the needs of virtually every pianist.

Yamaha’s commitment to untiringly developing the core processes of sound generation has made the C Series concert grand the best selling grand piano in the world. The technically demanding intonation process that underlies the superior sound of a concert grand has been given extra weight in these instruments. In countless hours, hammer heads, strings and the balance of the damper mechanism have been perfected to such an extent that every single note sounds exactly as the pianist intended it to.

Thanks to a transparent reverb and full-sounding overtones, the C3 meets the increased demands of professional pianists for more precise expressive control.

Further information can be found at www.yamaha.de.

35.377,- €

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