adsilent Silent System

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adsilent Silent System


adsilent – The Silent System for retrofitting. For upright & grand pianos
Developed by Andreas Dütz (20 years of experience in the development of silent systems) and a team of specialists in Japan & Europe, adsilent represents the pinnacle of what is currently feasible in the field of silent technology for retrofitting.

With adsilent you have many possibilities
A very good piano sound with 9 sample layers and 128 dynamic levels, recorded by European experts. 100% non-contact sensors for keys and pedals. Key sensors with an incomparable low profile and high precision. Modern features like integrated Bluetooth MIDI** and wireless remote control via app make it unique.

For home
Use adsilent at home to practice during the day or at night all to yourself. Your roommates or neighbors can pursue other hobbies undisturbed.

Record & Play
You want to record your game digitally and send it to friends, relatives or teachers and possibly process it further digitally? This is possible with adsilent! Record MIDI data and use it directly with the adsilent app**. Connect adsilent directly via cable to your computer or stereo system to record your playing in audio format.

Ideal for learning
In the music school, several students can practice at the same time. Place several pianos next to each other without any problems. Your students hear the played exercises only through headphones. The piano teacher can plug in a second pair of headphones and listen to his student at any time.

App for smartphones
With the app you can quickly and conveniently access settings in the adsilent system, e.g. sound, reverb and volume, or use other functions.

Can be combined with self-play system
adsilent can also be used as a recording system for an existing self-playing system. You could then record your piano playing and play it back live on your self-playing system (e.g. PianoDisc).

The best features of adsilent

Mute for retrofitting for upright and grand pianos

NEW – Optional adsilent for upright pianos, is available with the extra robust steel stop bar. This stop bar is a little more costly and takes a little more labor time to install, but it makes the installation of silent technology in some pianos possible in the first place. It also offers the ambitious pianist the possibility to keep the change of the action regulation as small as possible.

  • NEW – As an option, adsilent is available for grand pianos with the Next Generation Let-Off Expansion System (LES). This add-on system adjusts the mechanics regulation for use with the stop bar, only when the stop bar is activated. In normal operation, your grand piano remains completely unchanged – as if it had no Silent System installed.
  • 88 key sensors 100% contactless
  • 3 pedal sensors as standard (Sustain: Proportional or On/Off, Soft & Sostenuto: On/Off) 100% contactless
  • 247 notes polyphony maximum
  • 9 sample layers and 128 dynamic levels
  • 8 Preset/User Sounds (memory locations for preferred combinations of sound and settings). Total 127 sounds, including 5 x piano, 4 x electric piano, 1 x harpsichord, 1 x church organ, 8 additional organ sounds Sound settings: Reverb, effect (chorus, rotary), delay, 4-band equalizer, transposition
  • Metronome: rhythm, tempo, volume
  • Recordings: 10 memory locations
  • 10 demo songs
  • Adjustments/Settings: Touch control (dynamics), note repeat limit, black key volume, single key volume, tuning, auto sensor calibration, pedal switch point, touch depth (key travel upper and lower limits), panel LED luminosity, piano type, tuning curve
  • Bluetooth MIDI**
  • USB MIDI for connection to mobile devices, laptops and PCs (e.g. for use with popular apps like GarageBand)
  • Controls: tone, metronome, record, playback, combined volume/on/off head
  • 2 x 3.5mm headphone jack
  • 3.5mm stereo line out
  • Tuning: 440Hz +/- 13Hz
  • 5 x LED activity indicator
  • Control Box with adjustable viewing angle
  • Dimensions Control Box: W: 143mm D: 79mm H: 27 mm
  • Additional function via adsilent App
    ** Bluetooth MIDI function available only for smartphones and tablet computers

All prices include the 19% value-added tax. Our Luxembourg customers pay only 17% value-added tax (TVA), except on some used instruments.

Do you wish to pay in installments? Ask us for opportunities.