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The best climate for the best sound

Venta Luftwäscher
Dampp-Chaser System

The main material of the pianos is wood. Wood is a living material that – depending on the humidity – releases or absorbs water, therefor swells or shrinks. But other materials such as metals, felts or leather also react to the climate in the room. With bigger fluctuations of the temperature or humidity, the strings can get out of tune or the mechanic-felts swell and influence their function thereby (for example clamping keys).

In order to avoid damage to the instrument, we make the following recommendations:

The most favourable climate for instruments is 45% to 60% relative humidity (for a short time also 45% to 70%) and a room temperature of 20°C to 22°C.

To measure the room climate, we recommend a good digital hygrometer that is placed close to the instrument.

The air humidity can be regulated either by an air washer installed in the room, which not only humidifies the air in the room but also cleans it of dust, or by an air conditioner installed directly in the piano or grand piano, which creates its own microclimate in the instrument and humidifies or dehumidifies it as required.

We will be happy to recommend you a suitable device!