Steinway & Sons is a well-known and appreciated manufacturer of pianos and pianos. The company was founded in New York by Henry E. Steinway and his sons in 1853. Since 1853, Steinway & Sons has revolutionized piano construction with more than 125 patents. “Steinway & Sons” grand and upright pianos are manufactured in New York and Hamburg under the guiding principle that Henry E. Steinway chose as his quality standard: “To build the best piano possible.”

Crafted from one of the finest woods our earth has to offer, the beautiful and colorful Makassar ebony, each Steinway Crown Jewel is unmistakably unique.
The O-grand Piano provides a unique and precise feel. Its full, warm sounds and excellent controllability will delight any pianist.
Another unmistakable feature once again underscores that a Steinway Crown Jewel is something very special: a certified diamond embedded in the Fall as a symbol of power and exclusivity.

SPIRIO , in reference to the Latin “spirare” – to breathe, inspires the pianist in ways never before possible: The high-resolution self-playing system with 1020 dynamic levels and 256 pedal positions makes it possible to authentically reproduce recordings by the world’s best Steinway artists such as Lang Lang or Artur Rubinstein in all their rich nuances in the comfort of one’s own home. Via a Bluetooth connection and with the Steinway SPIRIO app, you can also conveniently operate the system from your sofa.

Thanks to special copyright-protected software, the free SPIRIO Music Library, which grows monthly, contains the music of many contemporary artists from Adele to Yuja Wang, as well as sound recordings and videos by immortal artists such as Glenn Gould, Sergei Rachmaninoff, Duke Ellington and more …




YAMAHA – piano manufacturing for over 100 years!

The P Series pianos are mid-range models with high-end features and functions. Despite their affordable price, these pianos are built with care and attention to detail by YAMAHA and feature excellent sound reproduction and the sensitive, fast response of YAMAHA’s keyboard.

Their classy European-influenced design and craftsmanship make them a feast for the eyes and ears, and owning and playing them is a real pleasure.

With a beautiful cabinet, featuring a European-style spruce soundboard and spreaders, the P116 offers great sound quality despite its compact appearance.

This instrument is also equipped with the YAMAHA SILENT Piano™ SH2 headphone system: For pianists who want a piano that will be a true musical partner to them, or for parents who want to open up a life of music for their children, YAMAHA offers a truly versatile, modern take on this traditional instrument. With the unique feel of an acoustic piano and the freedom to play at any time of day or night without disturbing others, this instrument will become an integral part of your musical life. In addition to powerful mute functionality, the SH2 system offers 20 built-in sounds, a Bluetooth® connection, and a MIDI connection, among other features.


M. HÜBNER – Fine pianos made for Trier

MADE IN GERMANY: Featuring the German-made Renner action and Kluge keyboard, this piano offers fast, accurate playing and balanced sound dynamics with a big, colorful soundstage.

The M. HÜBNER H-130 Artist is 130 cm high and currently available in the finish “black high gloss with chrome fittings”. Other finishes are available on request and at extra cost.