YAMAHA – for over 100 years!

The right decision right from the start: Choosing your first piano is certainly not an easy decision. Without expert advice, you may not know what to look for. What is important? Who can you trust to help you make decisions?

For more than a century, YAMAHA has been building pianos whose reliability, sound quality and tuning stability have been praised many times by experts. Famous concert pianists deliberately choose one of our pianos, while music schools and conservatories have relied on the sound capabilities and robustness of our pianos for decades.

YAMAHA piano makers pay special attention to every detail (almost all components – from the cast frame to the keys – are made in-house). Pianos and grand pianos offer an unparalleled quality of workmanship.

The YAMAHA b-series was developed especially for beginners and combines the experience and knowledge of more than a century of instrument making.

A piano is much more than just a musical instrument. It’s part of your life – and when you find the right piano, it will be with you all your life.

The b1 is an excellent example of YAMAHA’s proven design philosophy. Although it is cheaper than other models on the market, it meets YAMAHA’s high standards in every respect. The b1 offers the pleasure of playing a complete YAMAHA piano.

Our conclusion: The YAMAHA piano, model b1, offers an affordable entry and is especially attractive in combination with our entry rental system!

Essex EGP 155C

Essex – “Designed by Steinway & Sons”!

In collaboration with renowned furniture designer William Faber, Steinway & Sons realized excellent pianos and grand pianos in different styles and veneers at a reasonable price. With their elegant design and different finishes, these instruments are an asset to your home.

All Essex instruments combine the latest design features and production specifications from Steinway & Sons’ research and development team. Thanks to the processing of high-quality materials combined with state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and carefully selected machine manufacturing, Essex’s “designed by Steinway & Sons” instruments offer unrestricted musical enjoyment at an unprecedented price/performance ratio.

Despite its length of 155 cm, this grand piano, model EGP 155C – Classic, offers excellent sound performance thanks to the Steinway design.

Exhibition instrument: Absolutely allude…