M.HÜBNER – Fine pianos made for Trier.

This high quality M.HÜBNER piano of the new series “CONNAISSEUR” was manufactured in the Czech Republic. Because our piano house Marcus Hübner in Trier has entered into a cooperation with the renowned Czech piano manufacturer Petrof. In the factory in Königgrätz, Czech Republic, Petrof now manufactures various instruments for his new partner, according to Marcus Hübner’s specifications. With the specially and carefully chosen designation “CONNAISSEUR”, the many years of experience and the product quality “Made in Europe” are once again underlined.

All pianos are equipped with high-quality German special hammer heads with organic natural felt as well as a practical soft close. But the instruments also have a lot to offer visually: Thanks to brass and chrome fittings, there is something for every taste and every home decor. Furthermore, they convince with a pleasant playing style and a beautiful, warm as well as transparent sound. Of course, all these models are offered at our piano house not only for sale, but also for rent.

The M.HÜBNER C-125 CONNAISSEUR is 125 cm high and convinces especially with a clear expression and its powerful bass – try it out!



Steinway & Sons is a well-known and appreciated manufacturer of pianos and pianos. The company was founded in New York by Henry E. Steinway and his sons in 1853. Since 1853, Steinway & Sons has revolutionized piano construction with more than 125 patents. “Steinway & Sons” grand and upright pianos are manufactured in New York and Hamburg under the guiding principle that Henry E. Steinway chose as his quality standard: “To build the best piano possible.”

The O-180 grand piano provides an extremely precise and unique feel. It meets the highest demands and offers all technical requirements with a maximum of inspiration – for the advanced player as well as for the professional musician.




YAMAHA – for over 100 years!

The right decision right from the start: Choosing your first piano is certainly not an easy decision. Without expert advice, you may not know what to look for. What is important? Who can you trust to help you make decisions?

For more than a century, YAMAHA has been building pianos whose reliability, sound quality and tuning stability have been praised many times by experts. Famous concert pianists deliberately choose one of our pianos, while music schools and conservatories have relied on the sound capabilities and robustness of our pianos for decades.

YAMAHA piano makers pay special attention to every detail (almost all components – from the cast frame to the keys – are made in-house). Pianos and grand pianos offer an unparalleled quality of workmanship.

The YAMAHA b-series was developed especially for beginners and combines the experience and knowledge of more than a century of instrument making.

A piano is much more than just a musical instrument. It’s part of your life – and when you find the right piano, it will be with you all your life.

The b1 is an excellent example of YAMAHA’s proven design philosophy. Although it is cheaper than other models on the market, it meets YAMAHA’s high standards in every respect. The b1 offers the pleasure of playing a complete YAMAHA piano.

Our conclusion: The YAMAHA piano, model b1, offers an affordable entry and is especially attractive in combination with our entry rental system!

This instrument is also equipped with the YAMAHA SILENT Piano™ SC2headphone system: For pianists looking for a piano to be a true musical partner, or for parents who want their children to enjoy a lifetime of music, YAMAHA offers a truly versatile and modern version of this traditional instrument. With the unique feel of an acoustic piano and the freedom to play at any time of day or night without disturbing others, this instrument will become an integral part of your musical life. The SC2 system features a powerful mute function, 10 built-in sounds and an integrated metronome.